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  • We create memories
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What I do


This is how PhotoCube works

PhotoCube unites young and old, small and tall. We create Memories and capture personal moments. Events, weddings, expositions, birthday parties and even business events are unique souvenirs worth keeping and sharing.
"Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second."
Marc Riboud


Moments are created in a second and disappear in the same. Images have the ability to capture these experiences and to relive the memories again.


- Festivals -
Festivals create their own stories. PhotoCube enables you to take them home with you.
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- Exhibitions -
Bring your venture and your customers closer together. PhotoCube gives you a simple opportunity to create lasting moments with your brand.
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Company celebrations
- Company celebrations -
Unite your guests and employees with your philosophy. PhotoCube makes it simple.
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- Weddings -
The greatest moment in life - for you and your guests. With PhtotoCube it lasts forever.
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Children's birthday parties
- Children's birthday parties -
Bring joy to the littles ones and yourself. PhotoCube captures the wonderful moments of childhood.
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- Parties -
Every party has unforgettable moments. PhotoCube gives you the opportunity to take them home with you.
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Brand communication


How does PhotoCube strengthen my brand?

PhotoCube gives you and your business the unique features to communicate your philosophy and brand. We will design the case according to your wishes so it fits perfectly in any occasion. You can brand the printed pictures thus they are a perfect addition to your communication strategy.

Why does my event need PhotoCube?

Photos create interactions and relationships. People love souvenirs of special moments. Is there a better way to capture an unforgettable moment than a photo? A real photo gets more and more importance in a digital world. PhotoCube gives you and your friends a unique memory to take home with you. Individual photo design makes your best moments unique and unforgettable.
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Rutzenbergstraße 63/2
6922 Wolfurt


Instead of specializing on certain occasions we focus on clients who want to experience new ways and are open for the world of PhotoCube.


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